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Nicole Bricker, an artist hailing from Minnesota, has cultivated her passion for both media and oil painting throughout her artistic journey. Graduating with a BA in Radio TV Film Studies, she embarked on a professional career in the media industry while simultaneously pursuing her artistic aspirations. It was during this time that she decided to enhance her skills and delve deeper into the realm of oil painting, leading her to study at the esteemed National Academy of Design in New York. There, she honed her craft by immersing herself in the practice of painting from live models – an artistic tradition that continues to inspire her to this day.

Bricker’s artistic endeavors have been showcased in various notable exhibitions including Lyman Allyn Museum in New London Connecticut, Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis, and Dacia Gallery in New York City. These opportunities have allowed her work to be appreciated and celebrated by diverse audiences, further establishing her presence as a skilled artist.

Currently based in Redding Connecticut, Bricker not only resides in this vibrant artistic community, but also finds inspiration in its surroundings. Her artistry continues to flourish as she creates captivating works that embody her unique perspective and creative vision. Through her ongoing exploration of painting, printmaking, collage, and photography, Nicole Bricker captures moments of beauty and significance, inviting viewers into a world that merges artistic excellence with personal expression.

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